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The Clerk of Fort Union, Major Alexander Culbertson became the namesake for the Town of Culbertson, Montana, to be built some 23 miles further west on the Missouri River in the year 1887. Major Alexander Culbertson's second wife was Princess Natawista Iksana, Sacred Snake Woman, daughter of a Blood Indian Chief of the Blackfeet Nation.

This old cowtown was born on the prairie in 1887 with the arrival of the railroad. While buffalo and Indians roamed freely over the plains, a town site was established and horse ranching was the order of the day, with constant demand for cavalry mounts by military posts along the Missouri River. Big scale cattle ranching replaced the horse trade and with the arrival of homesteaders, the little cowtown gradually became an agriculture and livestock center.

Farmers, ranchers and some 50 businesses serve the Culbertson area's 716 residents who enjoy 1,960 feet of elevated prairie climate. In recent years, the economic mainstays of grain and cattle have been augmented with oil production.

Culbertson is proud of its many municipal services as well. This area supports a new sports complex, swimming pool, public library, and a senior citizen's center, a hospital/nursing home, National Guard complex, and an excellent water treatment plant. Culbertson was incorporated in 1912.

 Culbertson is the Roosevelt County host for the Soil Conservation Service, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Extension Service, Ag Research Farm, Justice of the Peace, and other county functions, including law enforcement and road maintenance.

Aircraft maintenance and lighted runway are located at the Culbertson airport.

210 Broadway
P.O. Box 351
Culbertson, MT 59218

Phone: (406) 787-5271
Fax: (406) 787-5370